D Folded Paper Star Tutorial Coloring Pages

D Folded Paper Star Tutorial Coloring Pages. Origami paper would also be an option. In case you additional materials for your assignment.

Comment Faire Un Shuriken En Origami
Comment Faire Un Shuriken En Origami from

Before you can begin folding your star, you need to cut your paper into a perfect pentagon. Origami paper would also be an option. You can print the templates, cut them out, and trace them on the back of the paper you’ll fold into a star.

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Download the patterns and print out for tons of fun. You also give your assignment instructions. To make it easy to get a pentagon shape, i’ve created two printable templates for you.

You Can Print The Templates, Cut Them Out, And Trace Them On The Back Of The Paper You’ll Fold Into A Star.

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To Create The Actual Sketchbooks, Students Folded A Sheet Of 12×18″ 60# Paper In Half Horizontally, For The Cover.

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Origami Paper Would Also Be An Option.

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