Elden Ring Diallos Quest Line

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Line. You can find diallos at the academy gate town site of grace, standing over the body of lanya. After you initially meet diallos in roundtable hold, you can find him again once you reach the liurnia of the lakes area.

How to complete Diallos quest in Elden Ring after update 1.03
How to complete Diallos quest in Elden Ring after update 1.03 from

The elden ring diallos quest is available fairly early on in the lands between. Added new quest phases for the following npcs: Diallos can be found at roundtable hold.

Diallos Location In Elden Ring.

Unfortunately, players will encounter both diallos and lanya together in the overworld once they reach liurnia. The final step of diallos’s quest takes you to jarburg in liurnia of the lakes. Gelmir towards the northwestern region of the map.

Elden Ring Limgrave Excluding The Main Quest Line Of Elden Ring , There Are More Than Twenty Hours Of Quests.

The easiest way to get here is to fast travel to the gate. Elden ring lanya & diallos quest ending. You’ll receive the drawing room key.

Upon Reaching The Area, They Will Need To Eventually Make Their Way To.

Diallos can be found at roundtable hold. Volcano manor is in altus plateau at the location marked in the picture below. The diallos questline in elden ring has been expanded with update 1.03 but you can only find his location in jarburg after visiting him at volcano manor.

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Below are the new quests, npcs, and additions added to elden ring via update 1.03: Finding lanya in elden ring is part of a quest involving the figure known as diallos. This npc is first met in the roundtable hold where he speaks of his loyal servant lanya being missing.

Don't Kill Him Here If You Want To Progress The Quest.

Gelmir, found off the old road that leads west from the town of. Elden ring players will be able to find mt. Diallos is an npc in elden ring.