Elden Ring Fia Questline

Elden Ring Fia Questline. Questline addition (nepheli, etc) :: You can ostensibly come back for more if you happen to run out of this consumable.

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If you talk to ranni before finishing the questline, then rogier will die. The first step is to speak to her and accept her embrace. You do not need to keep hold of the item, especially since it will lower your hp, but you do need to hug fia at least once to initiate the questline.

This Guide Will Tell You Complete Details About The Fia Questline In Elden Ring.

In elden ring, you’ll find a wide range of characters that will share their plight with you, most of these will have quests that span multiple locations. If you agree she gives you a consumable called baldachin’s blessing. Fia is one of the npcs you will find in the elden ring with a questline for you to complete.

Elden Ring Is Full Of Different Quests That Are Interconnected With One Another And Aren’t Really Very Informative In Relation To What You Need To Do.

This page will detail where you can find fia and complete her questline. The baldachin's blessing she gives you reinforces her title as it is described as a favor that is bestowed by a deathbed companion. Much like with the witch ranni, completing fia's entire questline unlocks an entirely new ending for you to experience after defeating the final boss.

You Do Not Need To Keep Hold Of The Item, Especially Since It Will Lower Your Hp, But You Do Need To Hug Fia At Least Once To Initiate The Questline.

Receive the wethered dagger and give it to d. Fia is a deathbed companion that you will find inside a small bedroom at the roundtable hold.her embrace will give you a special consumable that can increase poise called the baldachin's blessing. That said, d’s questline may not be the easiest quest to solve because it involves locating his brother, darian.

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Fia is one of the many npcs you'll encounter that has a side quest to complete in elden ring. For this part of our elden ring guide, you'll find details of where to find this npc, how to begin their questline and the outcomes of your choices. Follow this guide to see how to reach lichdragon fortissax in elden ring.

Upon Entering The Deathbed Dream, The Tarnished Will.

Completing this questline unlocks a new ending. She is sitting on the bed in the room before the blacksmith where she waits for the tarnished by herself. The first time you reach the roundtable hold, take the passage leading to master hewg, on the side of the room with the fireplace.